Editorial Writing Submission Guidelines

Editorial Writing Guidelines

Please pitch website content to Helen Maimaris (hmaimaris[at]tetheredbyletters[dot]com).

Content is unpaid, but accepted works will be published on the Tethered by Letters website and advertised to the thousands of followers on TBL’s multiple social media channels. Accepted content may undergo copy editing. Submitted works should not be published elsewhere (including personal blogs, social media sites, etc.). Rights revert back to the author upon publication.

Review requests from representatives of small presses, literary magazines, and literary journals—as well as any non-pitch related questions about website content—should be directed to LeeAnn Adams (la[dot]adams[at]tetheredbyletters[dot]com).

Review requests from representatives of large traditional publishers should be directed to Mia Herman (mherman[at]tetheredbyletters[dot]com).

Book and Literary Journal/Magazine Reviews

We welcome book and literary journal/magazine reviews of 1,000 words or less. Reviews of about 500 words are preferred.

Regarding books: though we welcome reviews of older books, and works by established authors, we especially wish to feature books by debuting authors. Featured books must be published by a traditional publisher or a reputable small press.

Regarding literary journals and magazines: we’d prefer reviews of the newest issue of the chosen publication.

Find the F(r)Online archive of book and literary journal/magazine reviews here.


Share your original fan art of your favorite works of literature! We welcome cosplay, crafts, drawings, and other imaginative projects. (To respect the wishes of those who are troubled by the ethics of fan fiction, we ask that fan fiction not be submitted.)

Please include with your submission the title of the work of literature you are a fan of, your name, your general geographic area (i.e. Ohio, United States), and a very brief explanation as to why you chose to create your project.

Fandom projects inspired by F(r)iction or F(r)Online content are especially welcome.


Articles on Craft

Articles should discuss methods of improvement concerning the craft of writing. Please include all necessary citations and sources for the article, no matter how formal (works cited) or informal (links) the content. Articles of up to 2,000 words—not including citations—are welcomed for submission.


Pedagogy should discuss methods or practices of teaching creative writing. Please include all necessary citations, no matter how formal or informal the article. We welcome the writing of all creative writing educators. Articles not exceeding 2,000 words are welcomed for submission.