TBL’s Kickstarter Video Script Contest

Cash Prize. Exposure.
Extended Deadline: June 15.

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Good news, aspiring and established script writers! Tethered by Letters is launching its first-ever scriptwriting contest! Three times a year, we release F(r)iction, our fine art and literature collection. Starting with issue #5, we’ve used Kickstarter as a way to grow our readership and expand our literary reach into the farthest corners of the world.

A major ingredient to a successful Kickstarter campaign is the video—and that’s where you come in! Submit your script idea today for a chance to gain some serious exposure and a $200 prize.

(Disclaimer: Although we hire a professional film crew to create each video, the cast is usually comprised of TBL staff, none of whom have ever been trained as an actor. You have been warned.)

Extended Deadline: June 15, 2017


Awards: A cash prize of $200. TBL will also use the winning video script in the video for F(r)iction‘s next Kickstarter Campaign!

Submission Fee: FREE!

Submission Guidelines: Video run time must be 3 minutes maximum. Please adhere to standard script format (use of brackets and italics to describe stage directions and setting, 10–12 pt American Typewriter or Courier font, etc.)

Tethered by Letters reserves the right to NOT award a winner if the submissions do not reach an excellent standard as determined by our editorial staff.