As the superior creatures who hold dominion over TBL, the Blots decree that if you must write—and if you must submit to a fantastic literary journal—then you must format correctly. Failure to comply will result in death by hammer…also, TBL will throw out your submission.

So here is how to correctly format your blasphemy…we mean submission.

When you submit work to us via Submittable, you will be presented with a text box within the form in which to write your cover letter.

ContructionBlot-01Start your cover letter with this information:
Your name,
Address (line 1),
Address (line 2),
Your phone number,
Your email address

In the body of your cover letter, simply state the title(s) of the submissions you are entering and include a short bio.

Your actual submission should contain only the title of the work and its word count. It should be in Times New Roman font (the superior font), size 12.

All prose should be double spaced, with .5 inch indent on all paragraphs. And for the love of everything literary, don’t EVER EVER EVER use “tab” to indent your paragraphs. Use the margin tool, or the ruler, or format it under “paragraph” tab. Blots hate writers, but they hate having to delete all their tabs and replace them with correct formatting even more. So much more.

Poetry can be laid out as you wish, as we understand that form often relates to the effect of a poem. However, please be sure to adhere to a maximum of 3 pages per individual poem.

Other than a simple once-over (we swear by the pen if we find a plethora of typos, bad sentence structure, misused words, or incorrect grammar and punctuation, then you will die a slow painful death by the hammer…er, we mean, your submission will be thrown out), you are done with formatting!

Now it’s time to choose the publication you feel best fits your submission (Dually Noted, contest submissions, F(r)iction general submission, or Free Editing Program).

To be sure that TBL is the best home for your writing, we urge you to pick up a copy of F(r)iction and read the latest features to familiarize yourself with our works.