Submit Your Writing for Publication

Tethered by Letters offers four ways to publish your writing by submitting to these publications:

Free Editing Program

Stories, poems, and essays with free professional editing


Published in F(r)ictionOnline (select submissions published in F(r)iction)

Learn about free editing.

Literary Contests

Short stories, flash fiction, and poetry for quarterly contests

$300 – $1,000 in prizes

$8 – $15 per entry

Published in F(r)iction

Learn about literary contests.


Boundary-pushing literature for triannual literary collection

$10 per printed page

$5 per entry

Published in F(r)iction

Learn about F(r)iction.

Group Writing Project

500-word addition to the group writing story published weekly


Published in F(r)ictionOnline

Learn about group writing.

Tethered by Letters now accepts book reviews. Email queries to la[dot]adams[at]tetheredbyletters[dot]com. All book reviews are unpaid—but accepted reviews will be published in F(r)Online.

Before you submit, make sure to read our formatting guidelines.

Note: Tethered by Letters reserves the right to discuss submissions, contest entries, finalists, and winners in the TBL Untethered Podcast.