Publishing Lecture Series

Publishing Lecture Series

Tethered by Letters offers interested universities, MFA programs, publishing programs and high schools the opportunity to have our founder and Editor-in-Chief, D.M. Hedlund, guest lecture to their campus, classroom, or group members. These lectures focus on the professional side of writing, specifically how emerging writers navigate the ever-changing literary industry. From creating a publishing platform to pursuing representation, these lectures walk students through the process of starting a writing and editing career.

About D.M. Hedlund:

After the publication of her first novel at the age of eighteen, Dani Hedlund founded the international literary nonprofit, Tethered by Letters (TBL). Over the course of the last decade, TBL has grown into one of the largest independently-funded literary nonprofits in the nation, with bases across the US, UK, and Southeast Asia. She is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of F(r)iction, an art and literary collection specializing in boundary-defying work. Since its inception in 2015, F(r)iction has risen to critical acclaim, becoming one of the fastest growing literary journals in the world.

As a professional writer, editor, and publisher, Hedlund lectures on how all these elements interact in the literary industry. From Oxford University to the University of Singapore, Hedlund has lectured around the world, specializing in how young people can navigate the tumultuous literary waters.

2017/18 Series

The 2017/18 Publishing Lectures Series will be touring in Colorado, New York, Portland, Vancouver, Boston, Tennessee and Massachusetts. Spaces are already selling out fast, so if you’d like to schedule Dani Hedlund to come and talk to your students, contact us.