F(r)iction #12, Winter 2018 (Print Edition)


Teeming with gorgeous literature and art, F(r)iction No. 12 is now available for preorder! Issues will start shipping December 15th.

Let’s talk taboo. Here you’ll find stories on subjects that would get you dirty looks at a dinner party. Pieces about the transgressive, the outlawed, the prohibited and profane. Melanie Finn tells the story of two disaffected young men caught up in a culture of conspiracies. In an exclusive feature, Phillip Lopate writes about his love affair with the essay. Daisy Johnson gives us an excerpt from her Man Booker-nominated novel, Everything Under. Joe Dunthorn and Devin Kelly share poems about the world’s worst men visiting hell, the biblical flood—and the relationship between objects and experiences, between love and violence. Merging fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and a powerful feature with PEN America, F(r)iction #12 invites you to explore a world that polite society says is is wrong, where the benign is bizarre and the feint-of-heart dare not tread.