F(r)iction #10, Spring 2018 (Print Edition)


Teeming with gorgeous literature and art, F(r)iction No. 10 is now available for order!

Here you’ll find characters rewriting reality, unwinding convention, and preventing a giant from eating a monkey. Alasdair Gray traces the spiral of human history to the absurdity at its core. Isaac Marion leads us on an ascent that, as an end in itself, alters its own course. In our “Breaking Ground” feature, Aimee Molloy shows us a woman in revolt against her own motherhood. Poetry by Erika Luckert reminds us that merely making it through the day can be its own form of residence. And, in an exclusive sneak peek for our “Pioneering Author” feature, humorist Christopher Moore shares a chapter from Midsummer, his novel-in-progress that sees the return of one of his most beloved characters, Pocket of Dog Snogging.

Combining fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and comic with a poignant feature from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, F(r)iction No. 10 continues our rebellion against traditional publishing.