My Ghost Texts Me: A Group Writing Project

About the Authors


About Dually Noted

Dually Noted is Brink’s exciting group-writing project. New and established writers from around the world come together and can create an ongoing story through weekly installments, or the collection will feature powerful standalone stories. If you have a great idea for the theme, shoot us your 500-word story by Friday night. Our editor will publish the best submission at the beginning of each week.

My Ghost Texts Me

by the Brink Writing Community

 Ghost are a paranormal phenomena—but what would happen if ghosts could confirm their existence? What would happen if your ghost suddenly texts you? This collection explores all the possibilities of a world where ghosts are able to access our technology. So, tell us a 500-word story with this theme! Feel free to borrow characters and locations from other installments. Your section can stand alone or build on what came before. Send us your submissions by Friday for consideration!