“This tri-annual zine embraces the best that modern publishing can offer: global voices, limitless design options, and bounteous indie weirdness.” BrainRipples



The Review Review: “This is new territory; a bridge between the conservative and conventional lit mag tradition and those colorful speculation-driven pamphlets that you find in stacks by the coffee-shop door, full of zombies and vampires and crashing space ships. This is a serious journal with a wide aesthetic.” Read full review here.

Weave Magazine: “The most difficult thing about reading F(r)iction, a beautifully crafted and thoughtfully edited magazine of stories and poetic narratives, is putting it down.” Read full review here.

The Sonder Review: “All of the work which graces the pages of this unique and necessary publication reaches deeply, viscerally inside you and takes root, spreads out, lacing into instinct, into our fundamental selves, this vast experience of humanity. F(r)iction is something truly special.” Read full review here.

Neon Literary MagazineF(r)iction stands out for the sheer kinetic energy of its illustration. Drawings spill across every other page in a way that might seem reckless were it not so good-looking.”

The Quivering Pen, on F(r)iction #2: “The new issue of the literary journal is bursting with words and colorful artwork . . . . the whole issue is a thing of beauty, starting with the cover art.” Read full review here.

Jade Blackwater of BrainRipples: “As a journal that is unafraid to be different, I recommend F(r)iction to anyone seeking fresh voices in a less-than-traditional presentation.” Read full review here.

Nothing in the Rulebook:F(r)iction burns with a true passion for literature, for the written word, and, most importantly of all: for new ideas—which are so often lacking in contemporary publishing.” Read full review here.



The Review Review: “We made the choice, right there in our local coffee shop, that we were going to do things differently. We were going to put the story first, no matter where that led us. We’d open ourselves up to all genres, all forms. We’d publish works that stayed with us in an intangible way, long after that last page is turned.

Moreover, we decided that we’d present these stories as gorgeously as we could—in full color, with amazing illustrations, with the highest quality printing—because great literature deserves it.

And that’s how F(r)iction was born.” Read full interview here.

5280: “The goal is finding great voices that don’t have a traditional publishing industry to go to.” Read full interview here.

F(r)iction has this emphasis on weird work that would never otherwise see the light of day. These artists are pouring their heart and soul onto the page and we believe that they should be represented as beautifully as possible.” Read full interview here.

Six Questions For…: “I look for stories with ‘teeth.’ I want something that’s adventurous and courageous, that tackles subject matter and form in a way that makes me think: ‘damn, that author really went for it.’ I love stories that play with style and narrative and nonlinear plotting. I love works that have unconventional characters and settings, the kind of story that opens my imagination up and thrust it further into the unknown. Writers have that power. There is no limit to what their pen (or typing fingers) can achieve. Show me that potential.” Read full interview here.

1888 Center, The How the Why: “I want to make sure that when you open up F(r)iction, you are getting a portal into so many different worlds.” Listen to full interview here.

Publishing Profits Podcast: “I was always kind of waiting for my muse . . . then I came to the realization that there was never a time that the muse was going to come on its own.” Listen to full interview here.

Real Fast Results Podcast: “In a lot of ways, literary agents are kind of your new editor.” Listen to full interview here.