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General Submissions

F(r)iction is open for submissions year-round. We accept work in short fiction and creative nonfiction (up to 7,500 words), poetry (up to three pages per poem), and graphic stories or comics.

At F(r)iction, we pride ourselves on publishing the best writing regardless of genre, style, or origin. This means that we accept work of all kinds, including genre writing and experimental literature. We seek work that actively pushes boundaries, that forces us to question our traditions and tastes. We seek that feeling of being stunned, that gut-punch that inevitably follows an incredible piece of writing. If your work takes risks, then we want to read it.

Payment Policy:

  • $10 per final printed page
  • Free contributor’s copy of the publication
Having trouble getting your work up to snuff? Try the TBL Free Editing Program, where our editors will help you polish your work for submission.

Literary Contests

Since 2012, TBL has hosted literary contests for short stories, flash fiction, poetry. We have continued that tradition with F(r)iction, and added a creative nonfiction category!

The current contest deadline is March 15 at midnight PST.  These are our current categories for submission:

Short Story: $1000
Flash Fiction: $300
Poetry: $300
Creative Nonfiction: $500

Guest judges will determine the winner for each category. Our editorial team selects five to seven finalists in addition to the winner. Finalists may also be published in F(r)iction. Contests are held three times a year.

Need more information? Check out our contest page for guidelines and judge information.

Formatting Guidelines

Submissions to F(r)iction and the TBL Literary Contests are judged blind. In light of this, we ask that you remove all identifying information from the document itself. Please provide personal information in your cover letter only.

On your document, please provide a title (centered), a word count (top-right corner of the first page), and page numbers on every page.

Your submission should also be in Times New Roman font, size 12, double-spaced, with .5 inch indent on all paragraphs. Please do not use the tab key to indent paragraphs. Use the margin tool, the ruler, or format under the “Paragraph” tab. Simply set your document to have a .5-inch indent on the first line of every paragraph.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Author Rights

F(r)iction retains first publishing rights on works published in print or online. Publishing rights revert to the author upon publication. If your work has been accepted for anthology after being published in F(r)iction, we simply ask that you credit F(r)iction as the original publisher.

We do our best to nominate many of our writers for awards, prizes, and other honors. Before we submit our writers’ work to any organization or publication, we ask their permission to do so.