Free Editing Program

Free Editing Program

Note: As of April 14, 2017, the Free Editing Program will be closed until June 2017. But never fear! In the meantime, read the explanation below, take the necessary steps toward eligibility for edits, and keep writing!

We’ll be back with a revamped, super-exciting system. If you submitted edits prior to April 14, you can expect to hear back from an editor on staff.


Writing is hard. Very hard. So hard, in fact, that countless books have been published to help writers improve their craft. Although there are some great books on writing, they can’t coach you through the specifics of your story. For that, nothing’s better than one-on-one help from a professional editor.

At TBL, we want to provide our writers with every resource they need to be successful, including a top-notch editing staff. Working one-on-one, our editors help emerging writers through multiple drafts. We coach them on craft and style with the goal of creating polished, high-quality work that can be published in print publication, F(r)iction Series, or our online journal, F(r)Online. And what do we charge for such an invaluable service?


We offer our edits absolutely free of charge. All you have to do is be an active member of our community (a feat proven by commenting on ten publications or forum threads). After that, you’re eligible for free edits on any work you submit to us. Our team will return your edits within 2-4 weeks. We also offer free priority edits (working with one of our Senior Editors) for all contest finalists and authors who reach the Rank of Author (see Ranking System below).

It’s as simple as that. Bring your thoughts and personality to our community. In return, our editors will provide you with personal writing help.

Ranking System

for the Free Editing Program

Get started

Can you think of a clever username and a password you won’t forget? Congratulations, you’ve reached the Rank of Member! You can now join other members in our forum and publication threads, discussing stories, writing, and how much you love semi-colons (or hate them, as the case may be).

Get Involved with other TBLers!

All you need to jump to the Rank of Reader is to comment on 10 publications or forum posts. Once you've contributed to our community, you're eligible to receive free edits. Shockingly easy, huh?

Congrats! You're a Published Author!

After you publish for the first time with TBL, your work will receive priority edits and go directly to a Senior Editor of your choice! You also become eligible to have your work showcased along with an article about your thoughts on writing.


After you've published four works with TBL, you rise to the Rank of Wordsmith. You are clearly ready to take the next step in your career, and we are here to help! Your Senior Editor will now tackle any of your editing needs, including submissions for other magazines, sample chapters, and those sticky query letters!

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