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Frames: Visual Storytelling in the Prison Population

TBL staff teach a graphic short story-writing course in the Denver Women’s Correctional facility in order to promote literacy, critical thinking, and personal development through storytelling. After the students have succeeded in writing and storyboarding their works, professional graphic artists who have donated their services will illustrate the pieces. We then plan to distribute a book nationally, with all proceeds donated directly back into services that benefit the prison population, with the aim of reducing recidivism.

Program Introduction 

Tethered By Letters CEO Dani Hedlund and Education Director Leah Scott introduce the goals, expectations, and challenges of the Frames program.

Day 1 Introduction 

Dani and Leah discuss the “shield of professionalism” the Frames program requires of them, as well as what they’re excited (and nervous) about before the first day.

Day 1 Recap 

Dani and Leah share stories about their exciting first day teaching in the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.

Day 2 Recap 

After the second day at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, Dani and Leah discuss  helping students analyze how to develop characters in visual narratives.

Day 3 Recap 

Dani and Leah cover “turning points” in a plot arc, and share some details from one of the stories being worked on in the class.

Day 4 Recap 

After Day four, Dani and Leah discuss some more details of the various amazing and emotional stories being worked on by the women in the Frames program.

TBL would like to thank all the donors who made this program possible!


If you would like to speak with someone regarding the Frames Prison Program, please email Andrew Jimenez.

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