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Katherine likes to write short stories. She’s very talented, but with some coaching, she could be great. Rob is a brilliant poet, but is having problems getting published. And Marie is just getting started. She is just looking for some helpful pointers and maybe some other writers to talk to.

How great would it be if there were one place they could all go to get the support they need to tell their stories? A place where a team of passionate writers and editors banded together to help writers begin and further their careers. A place like…TBL.

In addition to combating hordes of Blots, TBL does everything it can to fill the world with great stories. We offer free professional edits, great publishing opportunities, and countless resources and educational initiatives.

And we’re spearheading new programs to boost literacy rates and engage our creative community more than ever—initiatives like our Frames Prison Program, our Publishing Lecture Series and Youth Writing Program, and our Portfolio Critiques at Denver Comic Con are growing rapidly, helping a wide spectrum of people in new, important ways.

We love being able to help such a wide range of readers, writers, and creators—but we can’t do it without you.

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TBL's Mission

  • Preserve and enhance a new generation of literature
  • Discover and nurture emerging writers
  • Introduce new literature to our global readership
  • Educate writers about writing and publishing
  • Provide a community that generates success and support for our members