Celebrity Mentor Program

TBL’s Celebrity Mentor Program
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About the Celebrity Mentor Program

Few things are more helpful than learning from someone who’s made it in the industry—someone who has gone through the entire process, from mastering the craft to landing a big book deal.

TBL’s Celebrity Mentor Program does just that. We connect our members with successful authors, creating an open discussion where new writers can learn from those who have succeeded in the daunting publishing industry.

The Process

Every month, TBL invites an award-winning author into our community. Our staff conducts an extensive interview, introducing our celebrity mentor’s work to our members. Following this publication, we host the author in our forums for one week. All members are able to communicate directly with our featured author, learning about his or her work, process, and publication history.

Throughout the years, TBL has featured award-winning and best-selling authors such as Scott O’Connor, Naomi Benaron, Isaac Marion, and Claire Bidwell Smith in the Celebrity Mentor Program.