“Braids” by Gloria Cadder

Gloria Cadder is a junior at Brandeis University. She majors in Creative Writing, English, and Politics; she also has minors in Women & Gender Studies and Legal Studies. This past year, the Brandeis literary journal Where the Children Play published another of her poems as well as a collage. Laurel Moon, another Brandeis journal, published her short story “Statistical Figure” last year. She has published multiple pieces in the Brandeis Law Journal. Gloria feels particularly honored to be published in Tethered by Letters because this is her first time to be published outside of work or the university setting.


by Gloria Cadder

No ordinary tributary has a pulse—
maybe one pushed uphill by a pump
built like a house, my heart.
A stone ripples the river.

With skilled use of her middle
finger, one girl
braids another’s hair, hooks
my middle.
Each hook, one twist more.

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