About Our Partnerships

To enhance the impact of our mission, Tethered by Letters is always eager to partner with other like-minded organizations. We actively seek out other arts organizations, universities, and educational programs with mission statements that resonate with our cause.

University Partnerships

To bridge the gap between learning about literature and actually obtaining a job in the publishing/writing industry, TBL partners with universities across the nation. By offering internships and free resources to partnered universities, we help their students make a career with the written word.

Tethered by Letters currently partners with the University of Denver, the University of Kansas, the University of Northern Colorado, MSU Denver, Colorado State University, Emerson College Boston, Vanderbilt University, The Red Earth MFA, and the University of Wisconsin Madison and Whitewater.

Community Partnerships

TBL partners with other journals, art groups, and nonprofits to reach a population that we cannot help directly. By partnering with these organizations, we hope to help expand their reach while also bringing phenomenal new creative projects to our readers.