Internship Program

Application Process

TBL’s internships are entirely online. We accept applications from all around the world! Just send us your references’ contact information, fill out the application form, and we’ll take care of the rest! The strongest candidates will be asked to interview, and then we will select the very best applicants to join our team.

Anyone may apply, either independently or from a partnered university.

Internship Program

An internship with Tethered by Letters will give you first-hand experience working in the publishing industry. Our programs are designed to bridge the gap between learning about publishing and actually working in the business.

TBL offers three internship sessions: spring, summer, and fall. Each internship lasts twelve weeks. For each session, TBL will select one intern to receive a paid stipend in addition to several unpaid interns. The paid intern is expected to contribute on a higher level than other interns. This includes a more significant time commitment as well as leadership and management responsibilities.


Guided by our professional staff, interns will receive extensive training in editing literary works, from initial content and broad structural editing to the perfection of final copy. Working with a variety of authors (both emerging and established), interns play a vital role in the Free Editing Program. Interns will also assist with polishing works to be published in F(r)iction and F(r)ictionOnline. From navigating the slush pile to managing celebrity authors, interns will be immersed in the life of a professional editor.


Working with TBL’s publishing director, interns will assist in the creation of F(r)iction. Working on design and layout as well as helping with general content management, interns will gain experience in every step of publication. Additionally, interns are asked to assist with the marketing and distribution of F(r)iction.


Guided by our outreach director, interns will gain outreach experience, reaching out to literary agents and publicists, requesting advanced ARCs for the season’s most anticipated books, and conducting Q&As with celebrity authors.

Editorial Writing

In order to sharpen their editorial lens, TBL provides interns with the opportunity to hone in on their craft and technique, writing short pieces for group writing projects such as Dually Noted,and drafting book reviews for their favorite novels.

General Experience

Finally, interns are asked to contribute across other branches of Tethered by Letters. This includes management of marketing materials, social media accounts, and online publications. Interns who demonstrate especially strong writing abilities may be asked to contribute reviews or articles for possible publication on the TBL website.