A Week’s Worth of Photo Writing Prompts

Meghan Miller is a senior at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) studying English Liberal Arts and is also pursuing a double-minor in Writing and Media Studies. She is the President and Editor-In-Chief of UNC’s Literary and Arts Magazine, The Crucible. When Meghan is not in class or running a meeting for The Crucible, she works at The UPS Store where she sneakily reads and writes in the back room. In her free time, Meghan enjoys editing friends’ papers, exploring the outdoors, reading and writing, cooking, and playing with her dog. Meghan is passionate about the written word and wants it to be a part of her everyday life. As an intern at TBL, Meghan is very excited to learn about the editing and publishing world. She looks forward to being an avid contributor to TBL in as many ways as possible.

A Week’s Worth of Photo Writing Prompts

by Meghan Miller

Do you ever get bored of traditional writing prompts? Let your sense of sight stimulate your writing!

Here are 7 pictures with brief captions. The rest is up to you…

  1. The quotation on this mural reads: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”


  1. Hmmm… Someone had a long night. Or maybe he is homeless? Is he dead? How did he end up here?


  1. This is a tunnel leading into a tiny town called Matfield Green, KS (or anywhere, for your writing’s sake). Whose house is that? Who is traveling through the tunnel?


  1. Old ruins at Harpers Ferry, WV. Harpers Ferry is a very historical place and the site of many Civil War battles. . .


  1. This overlooks the small town of Harpers Ferry, WV from the Appalachian Trail. What kind of people live in this humid town?


  1. This place almost looks mystical. Is it from a different world? Are there unicorns?


  1. An unlucky creature. What is it? Who killed it? Is there a killer on the loose?


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Happy Writing!

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