7 Days of Flash Fiction

7 Days of Flash Fiction

by Meghan Miller

We all love flash fiction, don’t we? It is short, fun, and often intense. Not only is flash fiction fun to read, it is also fun to write. Flash fiction is a great, quick way to get some writing practice in for the day. Plus, a lot of literary journals, especially Tethered by Letters, even publish flash fiction!

Here are seven days of flash prompts to get you writing every day this week. Each prompt has a word limit, do not exceed it (this makes it more challenging and fun). Of course, feel free to mix and match the word limits and prompts, but give these a go first!

  1. 50 words: Write about a bike messenger carrying a knife and fork to an amusement park in the fall of 2005.
  2. 100 words: A dishwasher salesman walks into a bar and sees the woman of his dreams. Being a dishwasher salesman, he doesn’t know much about the social scene. He is still wearing his dishwasher selling uniform and has a crumpled piece of paper in his pocket.
  3. 150 words: A first responder shows up to an apparent suicide scene while enjoying his morning coffee and cigarette.
  4. 200 words: There is turmoil in the Johnson house. Use this as your closing sentence: She smiled and said, “I will always love you” before the gun went off.
  5. 250 words: The year is 2025 and a secret agent just discovered something that will destroy the world in fifteen minutes. Does she attempt to save the world or save herself?
  6. 300 words: A bird watcher and his girlfriend went on a hike in a nearby national forest. He set up an engagement ring in their favorite tree so she would find it through binoculars—with his help of course. When the time comes, she says no.
  7. 350 words: A crappy magician and a fat ballerina run off to Vegas together. Naturally, they land a show in an over-priced hotel. Everything was dandy until…

MeghanMillerMeghan Miller is a senior at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) studying English Liberal Arts and is also pursuing a double-minor in Writing and Media Studies. She is the President and Editor-In-Chief of UNC’s Literary and Arts Magazine, The Crucible. When Meghan is not in class or running a meeting for The Crucible, she works at The UPS Store where she sneakily reads and writes in the back room. In her free time, Meghan enjoys editing friend’s papers, exploring the outdoors, reading and writing, cooking, and playing with her dog. Meghan is passionate about the written word and wants it to be a part of her everyday life. As an intern at TBL, Meghan is very excited to learn about the editing and publishing world. She looks forward to being an avid contributor to TBL in as many ways possible.