Two Poems by Joseph Hutchison

Two Poems

by Joseph Hutchison

Another Sky

Frigid wind
shivers one

tattered wing

of a car-struck
magpie dead
on the road. Now

her gibbous moon
breast lights up
another sky,

her eye’s black
opal that night’s
only star.


The Raven’s Wing

A black flash, a streak
                  outside the
sliding glass door, startled your

      glance into
                  dwindling twilight. The raven
vanished into it,

      left you with the sun slipping
                  into hiding beyond
some distant

      peaks, dyeing high clouds,
                  turning lakes
from silver glints to flat flecks

      of tin. Night
                  mists up from the thickening
pine forest now, melts

      into that vaster darkness
                  that all day had arched

      (shrouded by the spring
                  day’s blinding
brilliance); Venus glimmers forth

      among faint
                  spatterings of stars, and low
above a deckle-

      edged ridge, the quarter moon tilts
                  its milk-glass horns. Then

      you’re here—here in this
room, recalling how that black

      wing found you
                  lost in feckless fantasy—
a daydream of how

      much fuller your life
                  could be, if only you had
more money.

Joseph Hutchison, Poet Laureate of Colorado (2014-2018), is the author of 16 collections of poems, including The World As Is: New & Selected Poems 1972-2015, The Satire Lounge, Marked Men, Thread of the Real, and Bed of Coals. He has also co-edited, with Andrea Watson, the FutureCycle Press Good Works anthology Malala: Poems for Malala Yousafzai (all profits to the Malala Foundation). He directs both the Arts & Culture and Global Affairs programs for the University of Denver’s University College and lives with his wife, Iyengar yoga instructor Melody Madonna, in the mountains southwest of Denver.